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What would society look like if it had a dominant ideology of decentralization? Driven by this question, ReUnion foregrounds care as the sustaining force of society and proposes a socio-economic ecosystem that supports commons-based peer-to-peer care communities.

We offer spaces for caring for the self, making agreements in our ever-changing relationships, and building a welfare system that rewards the value of care as a basic resource for all. With long-term P2P care contracts and relationship-driven cryptocurrencies, we help people to organize bottom-up social organizations as their everyday and long-term safety net.

Internal balance

We can only have a healthy relationship with others when we have a good relationship with ourselves. The resilient health of everyone’s psyche is a cornerstone for a sustainable and meaningful commons. Personal wellbeing is the fundamental condition to safely and autonomously engage with and support others.

ReUnion design spaces for people to have an intimate and attentive relationship with themselves. When you login, the first relationship you have is with yourself. This self-relationship permanently exists in your personal space and safeguards your mental wellness, whilst caring, with presence, for others.

Collective Wellbeing

In our increasingly atomized, aging society, loneliness and precarity are systematic and conditioned, yet too often are considered a personal choice. ReUnion believe freedom does have to mean being lonely.

With a flexible network of long-term, committed care relationships that are funded by relationship-driven cryptocurrencies, we hope to ensure that everybody receives the necessary care to support their daily lives by fostering the sustainability of their own, self-determined interreations. This way, we forefront the common value of care and extends its influence to every sector of our society.

Interfacing the self with others

ReUnion provide innovative interface that is carefully designed to protect the sensitive and dynamic nature of interpersonal relationships, and keeps you in balance between personal wellbeing and the sustainablity of your long-term care relationships with others. 

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ReUnion Network is always on the lookout for people to cooperate with. If you would like to get involved with the project or to learn more feel free to send us an email.

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  • Belle Phromchanya
    Project coordinator
  • Genevieve Costello
    Lead Concept Developer & Care Ethics researcher
  • Jelena Viskovic
    Former contributor (2018)
  • Jonatan van der Horst
    Art Co-Director, UX/UI designer
  • Marjet Zwaans
    Economic research contributor
  • Mary Ponomareva
    Art Co-Director, UX/UI designer, Web developer
  • Mi You
    Lead Social & Business Developer
  • Sarah Friend
    Blockchain tech contributor
  • Tamás Marquetant
    Proof-of-Concept Developer
  • Tamas Pall
    Proof-of-Concept Developer
  • Wei-Chen Chou
    Concept Film Director
  • Yin Aiwen
    Initiator & Director

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